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About Our Organization

The Davis Phinney Foundation's mission is to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson's disease today and in the future.

While it's critical to find a cure for Parkinson's disease (PD), we feel strongly that people with Parkinson's also need information and ways to live better today. The Davis Phinney Foundation sponsors programs and symposia that provide the information and actions that can be used today to live well with Parkinson's disease.

At the Foundation we inspire and inform people living with Parkinson's disease by:

- Encouraging those impacted by the disease to celebrate the daily victories in their lives.

- Investing in research that can improve quality of life.

- Impacting the live of people with PD through funding of local exercise and speech programs.

'A string of good moments makes a good day and 7 good days makes a week and suddenly you realize that you have a good life, filled with Moments of Victory.' - Davis Phinney

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